Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Fabric Frenzy

Yesterday they started predicting MAJOR snow for today.  8-12" they warned over and over and over. It was going to be so bad they closed schools and city governments for today before 6p.m. last night.  Mini K was actually looking forward to art today so she wasn't exactly happy about school being cancelled but she still woke up excited and came running in and informed us that it was raining.  Surely it couldn't just be raining.  We are in the middle of a sequester in D.C. which means only essential employees are at work....this would mean an ESSENTIAL, read senior level, NOAA forecaster would have been the one to originally sound the alarms for 8-12" of snow in D.C.  I will let you decide how essential the weather men and NOAA "experts" were from the photo below.  Can you believe we survived a snow storm with this rare form of brown snow called rain and mud unharmed?

So while Baby C slept and Mini K read I cranked out a few conference calls, more emails than I can count and then turned my attention to my to do list.  It is shrinking in size, but not fast enough for my taste.

We put the finishing touches on Mini K's reading nook & installed her tooth fairy door in her room before her tooth falls out.

I finalized my lucite drapery rod order for the den panels.  These have been a process, but I am so excited to see them installed.  I love the plaid silk with the heavy fringe and look forward to seeing it all together.

Mini K help me put eye screws in 20 drapery rings so we can hang these lovely panels after our contractor installs the rod tomorrow.

We went over the last minute trim details for our sectional to join these panels early next week.

Our stack of pillows and fabrics have been sorted by what needs to be monogrammed and what can go to E so she can work her magic stitching them up.

I still think there is magic in crossing something off of your list with a Le Pen or Sharpie.  I did add my need to purchase this lovely to my list, but it will have to wait until I after I survive a field trip to the museum with Mini K's class tomorrow.

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Stacy said...

I love the Tooth Fairy doors! I wish my folks had thought of something that clever back in the day. :)