Saturday, March 12, 2011

Moms and Moms To-Be...Fab Find Alert

This week I was introduced to a store that I know will be in my rolodex (yes I still have a paper one!) for years to come. Baby C is not a jeans guy, khakis are a stretch...right now he is a bubble guy, soon to be a shortall guy and then more than likely a Ralph Lauren, Castaway, Vineyard Vines and Lacoste guy. Classic preppy, monogrammed and I will confess I am not a huge fan of appliques.

The store is The Ginger House. I am in love with the custom section and Ginger, the owner is one talented and oh so nice lady. Email her, I did, and she replies ready to help you create the outfits you want for your little ones!

Baby C will soon be sporting some new swim trunks, bubbles a plenty and I have finally found a source for my favorite knit shirts with color trim for Mini K.

The best part....the prices! Seriously, for the same amount you would spend at the Gap you can buy your little ones an outfit custom made for them!

Please tell Ginger that Grove Gal K sent you! I am a big believer in supporting businesses that have great quality and service and the Ginger House is my favorite new find!

Can't wait to watch Baby C hit the pool this summer in these!
Mini K won't wear these dresses anymore, but she wore them almost daily from when she was 2-4!
For those of you that love to dress babies in baptiste outfits, you know that $68 is beyond a steal! I have paid over $250 for them at other stores.

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Alexandra Bee Blog said...

Precious! I am not a mom, nor will I be one anytime soon. But my cousin is expecting!! i.e. I now have an excuse to buy the cute baby stuff I always drool over in stores. I'll definitely have to check this out. I'm new to the world of blogging, please stop by!