Sunday, November 14, 2010

Greetings from Big D

Seriously, the last time I posted was Tuesday? This means I still haven't figured out the scheduled posts feature, because I wrote a post on stocking stuffers and another on grab and go gifts.

The past week has been a blur. Nonstop orders, birthday parties, meetings and today I left on a jetplane for as Mini K calls it 5 sleeps! Mr. Grove is holding down the fort with our real boss Nanny J!

I am home in Dallas for events over the next two days, and quite frankly, am too lazy to dig out my laptop so I am posting from my mother's PC. Let's just say this has made me realize that I will always be a Mac girl...I cannot figure out how to add in photos so please forgive for a somewhat boring post. I promise a full event report from my mac tomorrow.

Now don't forget to enter how fabulous Sew Girlie giveaway for the set of 4 monogrammed gift card/money holder ornaments. You could use them for your own tree or personalize them for friends, coworkers or teachers to "wrap" giftcards.

Get ready for a week of gift giving posts..I love giving gifts this time of is like baking without the calories!

I am signing off to enjoy a cup of tea and one of momma's cookies straight out of the oven!

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