Sunday, December 21, 2008


Sorry to have been gone for sooo long. I have been on nonstop travel ...the 14th and 15th for work in NYC, we then took Mini K to Disneyworld and drove to my in-laws in NY yesterday.

And wouldn't you know my Mac is not "speaking" to my in-laws wireless network right now so I cannot post photos.

As I type I am looking out at over 14 inches of snow and this Texan is out of her element to say the least.

I just got an email from one of you that you never received a swap package form your partner...I emailed you back, but Mini K had so much fun shopping for Hopsy we are going out tomorrow to shop for you! So send me your favorites and your address!

The Weight Watchers is still going...I always seem to screw up dinner, but I have picked up my running and am no longer allowing myself to eat after 8p.m. Has anyone else heard this works?

With Christmas being in 3 short days I am starting to think about New Year's resolutions...what are your resolutions for 2009?



Sandra said...

I have heard that no food after 6 works. Let me know if 8 works, since that topic will probably also cover "my New Year's Resolution"... ;-) Dinner is always the meal that gets me, too. I am very disciplined for breakfast and lunch, but dinner - whew!

~Mrs. Guru~ said...

My WW has been so bad. I have heard no eating after 8 works or helps. I think I am going to start that. Hope you have a great holiday!

Richey Job List said...

Keep the WW going. It's a pain but it works. Have been able to keep the over 20lbs off since Oct even in the holidays.