Sunday, May 6, 2012

Favorite Finds

I PROMISE this week I will be better about posting...after all I have all of these planned posts and I just keep forgetting to actually post them!  I am now sporting a new walking boot and while I can get around faster, by the end of the day my foot and leg are just plain tired from, well walking.  Tomorrow I can start back on the stationary bike and Crossfit body weight workouts like push ups, sit ups and ring rows.  I must admit, my body and brain are in major NEED of endorphins.

All this time off of my feet and on restricted movement though as been good for my product finding/testing fun!  I have a few new finds to share with you and ALL of them are things that never in a million years did I think would actually work or be something I would try out.

1.  Quick Dry Paddle Brush
I was totally skeptical that this would work.  I have super thick hair...if I let it air dry it takes 20-24 hours and close to an hour to blow dry with my super high-charged dryer.  I have an over 2000 watt hair dryer, like they have at the salons and a special outlet in my bathroom because of said dryer, but this brush WORKS!  I can now dry my hair in less than 30 minutes with the dryer if I brush it through with this.  The best part about this find is that is only costs $11.99!

2.  Fresh Produce
I was approached by Fresh Produce, another mom owned business, and asked to review an item from their spring line.  I will admit I wasn't familiar with their clothes and after I saw their website realized I have seen their stores in certain beach towns, but never realized they had a complete women's resort wear line.  This spring I have become a huge fan of the shirt tail hemmed t-shirts.  They are perfect with cropped skinny jeans, a maxi skirt or shorts and don't require a belt.

I received the retreat top in black and LOVE it!  While many of post your OOTD's, I won't claim my outfit is anywhere close, but I love the look, weight and feel of this shirt!  The best part is that Fresh Produce ships to over 200 countries and not many companies can say that!  The top is also a lot less expensive than the other shirt tail hemmed t-shirts and tunics around this season!

The other MUST HAVE item from Fresh Produce I think everyone needs and I am ordering for myself for Mother's Day and a few extras for friend's birthdays is the Triangle and Poms scarf!  What's not to love about tassles and pom poms on the SAME scarf!  The best part: it's only $34!  The hardest part for me will be deciding between the white and the turquoise!

3.  Yellow!
I snapped up this Brider Baubles necklace in yellow, because everyone is claiming that yellow is the new "it" color.  I doubted I could pull it off, but at less than $40, it was a bargain compared to other jewelry stores!  I LOVE it!  I wore it with my Fresh Produce tunic today to run errands, take Mini K to a birthday party and a casual dinner out and no less than 10 women stopped to ask about my necklace or my tunic.

The other good thing about Bridier Baubles:  FREE SHIPPING and if you hurry and place an order tonight with code: NINA, you can take an extra 10% off!  I now think I need the $23 Fleur cuff bracelet in....YELLOW!

4.  Heart Rate Monitors!
A year ago I had my metabolic rate tested so I knew what my target heart rate was for burning fat.  As it turned out, it was a much slower running/workout pace than I thought.  What I haven't loved about it is the annoying chest strap on my heart rate monitor watch.  I was so excited to find this watch, without a chest strap for an amazing price of $29!  The best part, you can save an extra 20% with code FF20!  The watch ends up being something like 78% off!

5.  Naomi Gray Birthstone Ring Necklaces!
I have several friends that will be celebrating their first mother's day this year!  Last year, Mini K saw a picture in a magazine of a Naomi Gray necklace with birthstone rings on it and showed it Mr. G.  Even though he had already purchased something for me, he couldn't say no to Mini K so I had an extra special Mother's Day!  I love my birthstone ring necklace and someday will put the ring with Mini K's birthstone on her gold charm bracelet!  It is the perfect necklace to wear when I travel as it keeps them with me and I always get compliments when I wear it!  I know Mr. G wishes he would have gotten the deal I am about to share with you!  You can get $100 worth of Naomi Gray jewelry for $50 HERE.  This next part will be out little secret:  if you use code DMVKV7DK77 you can save an additional $10 so you can get your $100 gift certificate for $40!
I am now off to ice my foot and get ready for this week, but if you have a favorite thing or a fab new find please share it!

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mFw said...

I want to try that brush! I saw it on pinterest recently! Also, love fresh produce. I learned about them a year ago when I was in Destin with friends for SB. A store in Destin Commons sold their stuff. I bought a couple coervup/tunics. My friends all though I was crazy for going in what looked like the old people store. Glad your foot is doing a little better!