Tuesday, May 22, 2012


I am back from NYC and finally catching up on emails, my stack of catalogs and my to do list!  Baby C's thank you notes will be done tomorrow...beyond late for me, but oh well.

His party was so much fun.  Mr. G gave me a hard time about making a beer punch instead of just buying a ton of beer, but the beer punch was a BIG hit!  In case you want to try it:

For every 6 pack of Corona Light, add a half cup of Vodka and a can of frozen pink lemonade and some sliced limes.  I do not like beer and trust me, this punch tastes dangerously good!

Everyone has something that they MUST have at a party...for me it's a theme and a cake.  I tried a new baker this year and she was AMAZING.  The cake tasted great and was perfect for our crab shack theme!

With the party and NYC behind me, it is all about getting Mini K ready for camp!  It will be her first time at sleep away camp and she is counting down the days until she is a big girl on her own for 4 nights!  I confess that when the parents handbook came and said we needed to label everything, I immediately thought I had to find a loophole.  I mean this is Washington, D.C., there is a loophole for everything and I despise those iron on clothing labels.  So I channeled my inner Southern Belle and monogrammed...EVERYTHING but her socks and underwear and I am NOT joking:

Washcloths...all 4 of them are monogrammed
Swimsuits, check!
Her flashlight, yep it's monogrammed
The duffel to put it all in...DUH

I don't think Mr. G is thrilled that I have pretty much turned our formal living room into a packing staging area, but I don't plan on any formal entertaining until we survive camp!

I have less than 2 weeks left in this surgical boot and I am counting down the days.  I have developed a HATE HATE relationship with the stationary bike...I hate it, yet I go back to it for an hour a day.  Let's face it, it's not like I have a lot of options and not exercising would make need to go into hiding.

That is pretty much the Grove in a nutshell and my guess is that I have bored you to tears!  I am off to finish our end of the year teacher gifts for Mini K and farewell gifts for the teacher's in Baby C's toddler room as he is moving up to the junior room in June!  It seems surreal that we will be touring D.C. preschools for him this fall!  We are almost to 500 fans on Facebook and I can't wait to giveaway one of our monogrammed carryalls!  If you haven't liked our page, would you, pretty please, give us a wink HERE.



mFw said...

The monogrammed norts (nike shorts) are so popular and I see the popping up on pinterest all the time! They are so cute!!! Mini K will have a blast! I can't believe she's already going to sleep away camp! Glad NYC was fun and hope it's a quick 2 weeks with your boot!

Worthington said...

You know what, monogramming the hell out of everything is so much better than what my parents did - permanent marker which = permanent ugly markings. Duh. Such a mistake.

I think she will appreciate it - and it may even start a trend!

I guess she is going to junior camp? So cute!