Thursday, May 17, 2012

Empire State of Mind

I am off tomorrow to NYC for what will be a whirlwind of events and a weekend of walking in this lovely cast.  I keep looking at my suitcase and laughing, because I only had to pack right shoes!  It's amazing how much space you save with only one shoe.

You know that phrase that goes..."do something every day that scares you?"  Well today I did just that, but instead of scaring me I feel like I have lost 50lbs and gone to a spa for a month long massage.  I QUIT MY JOB!!!!!!!!!!

This post is NOT meant to start the mommy wars so if you are looking for a fight please look elsewhere.  I am not going to be a stay at home mom.  Instead, I can cross something BIG off of my bucket list.  I left a big firm with fancy marble floors and mountains of meeting requests for "office socials" to start my own firm.  The BEST part, ALL of my clients are not only going with me, but they have been my biggest supporters.  I feel truly blessed to be able to work for such amazing clients!  I have told maybe 10 people and have had no less than 5 people call me about doing work them.  I have spent the last year wondering why I felt so alone at work and wondering if I had made the wrong decision somewhere along the way.  I have always LOVED my clients, even on their crankiest days, so I knew it wasn't them.

I handed in my letter today and was asked if I had given it thought or if I was just mad.  That question, I know, would never have been uttered to a man, but I had an answer...I had been thinking about it for months!  If I had any doubts, which I didn't, they were erased as soon as I was asked that question.

This post for me is my therapy today.  Today I learned:

crossing a big item off your bucket list feels amazing

that sometimes you have more support if you walk away from what brings you down

that following through on a goal you set for yourself feels better than I thought it would

But most of all, today I did something that my children can be proud of...I don't ever want Mini K to be asked if she is capable of making a decision at 37 or having a tantrum.  I want her to know her own worth and it starts with her seeing her mother model that behavior.

My last official day is June 30th and while my clients will still be my clients on July 1st, I can't wait for that day to come!

So for all of you that have known I have been stressed, or not myself or just not plain happy, now you know!  I cannot thank you enough for your kind comments and emails!!!!  If you see a girl with a cast on her left leg and a smile as big as Texas on her face this weekend in NYC, please come say HI!

I won't be back on here until Monday, but I promise to keep you up to date on twitter!


mFw said...

Congrats!!!! Glad you made the decision for you! I'm thrilled so many of your clients will follow you to your new firm! Have fun in NYC!

Landlocked Mermaid said...

OMG!! This is huge!! and amazing news!! Congratulations. SOOO proud of you. We need to get together so we can talk details. This is such an inspirational post. I am going through the same thing with work and making some decisions. our time to catch up is long over due. Have a great time in NYC xoxoo

Anne G. said...

Wow KP! Big news. Good for you. You are very brave. I know you will do well and be a success as you are in so many, many other things. Congrats!!!