Friday, May 11, 2012

Friday Five

I am off to a Mother's Day luncheon at Mini K's school for what will be the start of a busy and fun weekend, but wanted to post my Friday Five.

1.  Advice from Mom
C.Wonder asked for wisdom from your mom on twitter and I had to share what my mother has always taught me!  Thank you notes matter!

2.  Traditions
I still remember my mom dropping me off at college and giving me my baby birthstone ring on a bracelet. I still have it!  Mr. G gave me a necklace from Naomi Gray last year with birthstone rings for Mini K and Baby C and I will eventually put Mini K's ring on a bracelet and give to her when we take her to college!
You can purchase one for half price HERE and use code:
DMVKV7DK77 to save an extra $10!
3.  Fresh Cut Grass
It has been rainy here this week and I love looking out the window and seeing bright green grass and the sun shining!

4.  Family Pictures
We are packing up half of the house so construction can begin and I have decided to organize as I go!  I have started a file of pictures I want to frame including whether I need to purchase and engrave frames and what size.  I am a firm believer that your home should reflect you, not a picture in a magazine!  I snapped this photo of the kids on spring break and cannot wait to put it up in my new office!

5.  Peonies!
I wait all year to be able to hear Mini K say on May 1st, "Peonies bloom in May!"  There is something about a vase full of peonies that makes me smile!

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Worthington said...

Peonies of any color and yellow roses always cheer me up! What a beautiful picture of your children. I look forward to hearing more about the house (from Twitter or on here!).