Tuesday, May 1, 2012

The Countdown Is On

Pull up a chair, because I have done what we as women do so well. I have awarded myself with a to-do list that might be taller than an NBA player. It didn't happen at once, in fact, each thing on its own seemed doable and like the right choice. Then I listed them out realized than when work, mommyland and spouse activity city meet, it can look like anything but couture, or refined. Let's face it, it can look like the aftermath of Goyard sample sale, if there was such a thing. I need to force myself out of that daydream and back to reality. I told myself, and well all of you, that I started this blog to be real, and real is not always pretty or preppy or neat, but it is my life. So before I start getting the comments and emails, let me just say, this is one of those moments that I am merely laughing at myself, not complaining, because when do you hear a man look at his to do list and say: " Tomorrow I need to confirm 6 client meetings, order Chick Fil A nuggets, confirm a one foot pedicure, get Mini K's pearl earrings fixed, order engraved crab mallets and get Baby C to his ISR class by 5pm." Let's be honest, we are the only sex crazy enough to write all of this down and wonder, how many trips to Starbucks will it take to get this done.

It has officially been one week since my surgery. The boot I am wearing keeps my calf muscle flexed at all times and I am praying they give me another one at my follow up appointment on Thursday. My foot is now also itching, probably TMI, but these stitches better dissolve, because I slept with gloves on last night to keep from scratching my foot in my sleep.

Mr. G's big event is this week, actually the events leading up to the event start tomorrow. I am so proud of him and his committee! They have exceeded ALL of their fundraising goals and it is for such a great cause that EVERYONE can enjoy: The National Mall. Most women wear long dresses to this event, but my surgeon said no as I am still at risk for a re-break if I trip, so I am donning a, GASP, short dress. You will find me at The Shoe Hive as soon as I leave my doctor's appointment on Thursday to find a shoe for my right foot!

The good news: I found a salon to give me a one footed pedicure. Let the jokes begin!

Baby C's crab themed birthday party is a week from this Saturday! Food has been ordered. Cake has been designed, but tomorrow I MUST get the favors ordered and I pray there is still enough time to get them engraved before the party. This year we opted for a Crab Shack theme and we are borrowing his big day. He is TWO, there will be cake, there will be a pinata and then then he can go to bed, the big kids can play with the bubble machine and the grown ups can enjoy some crabs, some beer and it wouldn't be a Grove party without a Chick-Fil-A table. In the Grove, Chick Fil A goes with EVERYTHING.

Because I couldn't have an empty schedule, May will also be filled with a girls weekend in NYC and our departure to take Mini K to camp over Memorial Day weekend. I said this post wasn't exciting, but it is real and I need this blog to be real. I juggle, sometimes, like this month, more than I probably should, but that's me. My mother used to always repeat the phrase, "if you want something done, give it to a busy person."

My life is driving me a little crazy this month, but it was my doing and my choice. One thing we have been working on with Keating this year is choices. Once you make one, you need to own it. It is very easy to say that to a child, or ourselves, and then forget those words and look to blame or complain.

I am determined to keep myself accountable this year. I am blessed that my surgery is behind me, that both the Grove and my day job are booming, the kids are healthy and happy and I have a list to keep me from sitting still and sipping a cocktail.

SO SO many of you are great about blogging, mid-craziness, about how you handle it. I have to get into the craziness, come up with a plan, tackle it and then I can talk about it. This probably explains why I am a paper planner person and do not use the calendar on my ipad or iphone or whatever this imaginary CLOUD thing is that is far smarter than me.

If you are still reading here, I owe you a champagne cocktail, or TWO! So I am off to cross finding a second storage pod off my list. Did I mention, we are breaking ground on our renovation project in exactly one month!

Crazy! I just keep saying the phrase that makes my friends cringe the most: It is what it is.

Just remember, somewhere a little girl is watching you, she may not be your daughter, but we owe all of them the lesson of seeing women tackle long lists, difficult projects and carry on....so I will put on one fabulous right shoe, grab a Starbucks soy latte and tackle tomorrow!


MTL said...

DEAD ON! Thank you so much for being so real-I need this today as my own personal pep talk. This month is CRAZY but we will get through because we wouldn't have taken it all on if we couldn't.

Landlocked Mermaid said...

Oh I love this post!! you make me feel like I can get it all done!! xoxo good luck momma you are doing a great job xo

Worthington said...

You can do it! I know you will get through everything - even if it is at your own pace.

Thank you again for your help via Twitter last night!