Thursday, May 24, 2012

Side Tracked and Sparkles

Today was the day everything would get done and I would actually watch Thursday night tv on Thursday night.  Oh those smug mommy thoughts always have a way of hitting me in the face, with a chair!

Mini K got sick at school and has asked us no less than 200 times if she can still go to camp on Monday.  The answer is yes considering I think the bug is already out of her system.  But my day ended up consisting of conference calls and emails in between saltine cracker and ginger ale buffets.

I have meetings tomorrow morning, but the afternoon is reserved for CAMP PACKING.  I still cannot believe she is going to sleep away camp, but am so proud of how she tackles each experience with pure joy.

I did finalize the final logo for my new firm tonight along with all of my tax forms and filing papers.  July 1st will be here before I know it and I cannot believe a dream will soon become a reality.  I somehow ended up on you tube tonight and watched one of my favorites, Steve Jobs's 2005 commencement address at Stanford.  That speech gets me every time!

My big must do tast for next week will make all of you laugh as it involves Christmas...yes you read correctly.  See above for my mention of how fast time flies!  Memorial Day weekend for me is when I start thinking of Christmas cards, and gifts to buy and cookies we must bake!  Now that 2 of our nieces are tweens and have pierced ears, I already know what to get them!  BLING.

What's better than BLING?  How about BLING that is on sale?  The annual bling sale at JoJo's starts tomorrow and I will be crossing of 2 people on our gift list.  I am thinking BIG blings for the oldest and the mini blings for the youngest.  I put all three pairs in their little tins in a paper ice cream container from Garnish and fill it with their favorite candy and tie it with a big GIANT bow.
I also need to sneak off to the framer's to get Mr. G's father's day gift framed!  I am in serious denial it is almost June...well other than June means I can finally stop wearing this walking cast!!!!!!!!!

It's ginger ale refill time again so I am off to snuggle with my peanut before she realizes that she is too cool to watch tv with her momma!

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