Monday, May 7, 2012

Soft Landing

I spent last night listing a bunch of furniture that we either don't want or won't work in the house after the construction and less than a day later, EVERY SINGLE ITEM has been sold.  THANK YOU Criag's List!  Now I just have to get everything organized on paper so I can plan what I need the packers to do before the movers arrive.  I am probably the only dork that actually gets excited for construction to begin. It's like a living breathing to do list and you can physically watch the items being crossed off:  walls, roof, and then the details can begin!

I have started the binder divided room by room and am hoping we will be completely finished by Thanksgiving.  All of this organizing has me looking for a soft place to land this evening.

The best part is soon, the Grove will be full of soft places to land.  Monogrammed shams and throw pillows in basic white and prints and pattern galore will soon be here and on the site!  I LOVE a big monogram, and I am a Texan so I mean BIG on a pillow.  It can transform a plain sofa or white bed into a statement.  The best part is that you can change a room by the season without breaking the bank.  Now if only the furniture I have picked out for the addition was the same price as these pillows....

So what do you think?