Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Hump Day Happies

Tomorrow is my big post surgery appointment and one footed pedicure (I knew I could find one!) so my mood was instantly lifted by 10am.  Throw in a haircut scheduled for Saturday morning and a new pair of earrings on hold at The Shoe Hive and I am one happy working mom!

My Julep box arrived today and since I have a pedicure tomorrow morning, I can't wait to use one of my Julep polish.  I have posted about Julep before, but I am still impressed with the company.  A friend from Seattle says the nail parlors are great and known in the city for hosting fab events, but my only exposure has been the monthly box.  For $19 you get $40 worth of product and I can tell you I have NOT been disappointed.  So many of these monthly box companies send you sample sized products and you cannot select what you actually want to receive....Julep is different.  Each month you can select your two nail polish colors, or you can let them select for you based on your profile.  This month's box contained 2 polishes, one arrived with a magnet and a notice that it was magnetic polish and you could make stripes...the new crackle, a full sized pedicure foot cream and a callous file that I can say works better than my uber expensive one from Bliss.

You can join Julep HERE.  I was on the fence about trying Julep and a coupon code made me bite the bullet and order and I haven't looked back.  In case you are in the same boat, I wanted to share a discount with you.  If you enter COLOR2012 at checkout you can get your first box for 1 cent.  I mean how can you not try something for a PENNY?  I just ordered a couple of subscriptions as gifts today.

For those of you that actually didn't fall asleep reading yesterday's post, I realized it might have sounded that I dread throwing parties and it is just the opposite.  I love them, from thinking of the theme, to the favor to the menu, parties for me are the chance to spend time with family and family by choice.

Sometimes the hardest part can be picking a theme and finding an invite.  So starting tomorrow through May 15th take 25% off ALL party invitations with code:  PTIME25.

Our clients always give us the best ideas so I thought I would share some them.  Movie parties seem to be the new thing for the 8-12 age group.  We had a client order these movie party invites today.  Here is the best part, the movie is being shown on an inflatable screen in her backyard.  After a few emails back and forth we helped her decide to serve the snacks in the beach pails that are in the $1 section at Target and monogram beach towels for each of the guests to serve as their "seat" and their favor.

Another client has a great farm about two hours outside of Washington, D.C.  Every spring she orders direction cards to the farm.  Clean and simple cards that she personalizes with directions to their farm.  She simply includes them in notes inviting guests.  I think this is a GREAT idea for beach houses as well. Another client prints these same cards and leaves them at their beach house with information on the area:  where to eat, a spa, where to shop.

Mini K spends half the year trying to figure out why our club pool isn't open for a pool DECEMBER.  So I am thinking of letting her have a pool party this summer.  I confess, it might just be to  use this invite!

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Worthington said...

Since we had a beach home, and my birthday is in August... it was always a huge debate over what to do about my birthday party with friends. Often I'd come home from Camp Seafarer and then it'd be about 2 weeks after my birthday that we'd have a pool party as a late bday celebration for my friends and I at the Club. I loved those parties! They were so much fun.

Also, I might get in contact with you about the cards with directions. We live 2 hrs from DC and 30 min from downtown Richmond so they might be perfect as party inserts!