Saturday, May 26, 2012

Saturday Steals

Well clearly I missed the Friday Five this week, so I am creating my own Saturday Steals.  I firmly believe that two things can make a working woman or working mom's life easier:  self gifting and stowaway gifts.  Let's be honest, we all have days where a little something for ourselves can lift us up, right?  Now some of you may wonder what a stowaway gift is.  This is a phrase my grandmother used.  It is NOT re-gifting.  A stowaway is purchasing multiples of a couple of items and keeping them on hand for when you need a last minute housewarming or hostess gift and do not have time to order something personalized.  NOTE:  I blame my grandmother for my monogram obsession as she taught me, but I digress.

Let me just say that for all of the finds below, you can use code MEMORIAL20 to save an extra 20% off the already discounted prices, I say apply the savings to your self gifting budget.

I love to give a candle, BUT  I never give a candle in a box.  I always put the box in a cello bag and tie it with a big bow.  There is something about cello, tissue and grosgrain ribbon that changes an item into a present.  My mother recently introduced me to Snooty Roots candles and I am HOOKED!  They market themselves as a kitchen candle because they eliminate all odors, but ladies if you have a boyfriend, husband or son that plays hockey, light one of these around a hockey equipment bag and in 20 minutes you will be shocked...for the better!  The candles retail for $40, but you can buy a voucher worth $80 (2 candles) for $36 and it's even cheaper when you use one of the 2 discount codes above.  You can find the deal HERE.

Jewelry & Handbags
Hello, what's not to love?  A friend gave me a Gorjana neon pouch for my birthday to hold my change and I LOVE it.  The bright color means I don't lose it in the bottom of my bag.  I hadn't heard of this line before, but they have some great jewelry and their leather is top quality.

I purchased this cross bracelet for my niece who just made her first communion in sterling silver and am going to take advantage of the deal I am about to share to order some pouches to have on hand for gifts.

You can purchase an $80 gift certificate to Gorjana for $40 and again if you use one of the codes above, you will save an extra 20 or 30%.  You can purchase the deal HERE.

No surprise to any of you, but I LOVE a polo shirt, with a popped collar of course!  I also confess that when Mini K or Baby C has on a polo shirt, I always make sure their collars are up.  Now that I have discovered the Chirp Shop I feel like I am justified.  I mean how stinkin cute are these minnie-polo shirt onesies with the fabric on the collar?
You can get a gift certificate worth $25 for $12 before you use one of the discounts above.  So think ahead to Christmas or upcoming baby showers or birthday parties!  You can find the deal HERE.

I hope you can take advantage of these, but I need to finish getting Mini K ready for camp!

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