Thursday, October 24, 2013

Stocking Up and Solving Problems

So I have been all over the place this week and why not keep it up on the blog.  I have left friends random messages, at ODD times, of favor ideas, started keeping a notepad and pen on my nightstand as I have developed a new habit of waking up with great ideas at 3:17a.m. --NOT TO BE CONFUSED WITH 3 a.m., and processing orders.

This is the time of year when I panic, with 2 birthdays and Christmas in 5 days, not to mention this being busy season at the Grove, October is when I try to get everything done.  I have already selected this years hiding place, presents have already started being wrapped and my list and I are never more than a few feet apart.  As the littles get bigger and their schedules get busier, this time of year has required a bit more planning.

Our big crisis of the week, and yes I am being dramatic, try living with an almost tween before you judge is that swim team have left Mini K's fingernails thin and peeling.  Her pediatrician suggested we try Quimica Alemana and it is AMAZING.  We have been using it for 1 week and the difference is shocking.  They could charge double or triple.  If you or anyone in your casa have weak nails, PURCHASE IMMEDIATELY.

Stock Up
Yes I stock up!  Mini K has a lift of friends she wants to gift this year and I love that the first list she made was one for special things for her friends and not her own list so I am happily helping her.  She is making bling Rainbow Loom bracelets for each of them thanks to an "expert" YouTube video made by what I think is a 10 or 11 year old.  She also wanted to give them lip gloss and the Christmas Boo dog. I am a big fan of Willa for girls.  It is a little more glam than Lip Smackers without the price of Fresh and the color is barely there.  I order it from Amazon, through Ebates of course.

And for those of you living in a house of Boo dog lovers, Justice (yes I actually typed it) is having a 40% off sale and has them for less than $11 and FREE shipping.  You can also get 3.5% cash back when you shop through Ebates.  If you need a code for 40% off use 779.  You can find the Christmas Boo dogs HERE.

I always end up with a list of people that I want to surprise with a little something before the craze of the holidays.  Last year I did gift bags of fun nail files and a bottle of Essie polish with a note that said "Rest Your Hooves This Season!" with reindeer ribbon and fake snow in cello bags.  This year the tags say "You make life sparkle!" and will contain my new favorite jewelry wipes  and a little crystal ring dish that I found over the summer.

And every single year I say I won't add a ton of new products at the holidays and then I see things that I LOVE and of course want to share them with all of you!  I also am so blessed to have several corporate clients that just send me a budget per person and a list and tell me to GET IT DONE.  So you can look for these two lovelies to be on the site this weekend.

Authentic Vintage Chanel Jewelry

This cuff is my favorite.  It's bold yet simple all at once.

And for those of you that are constantly in motion and clutching little hands in addition to bags, phones and handbags, these new key rings are the BEST.  They come in a ton of happy colors and the best part is that part of the key ring can clip off to give the valet!

Tomorrow's Friday 5 will be my 5 favorite recipes!

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