Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Facebook Mondays

And yes I do know that today is Tuesday....but....if you "Like" us on Facebook then you know we announced a special one week discount this week. FREE to be exact. As in FREE shipping on all of our ipad cases. The same cases featured in US Weekly.

So for $38 you can get your ipad a new dress or a suit if you are buying for the guy on your gift list.

We love these! I have the amaze print in pink. I keep a screen cleaning wipe tucked in the case with my pad and it is ALWAYS in my bag, because I never know when I will be able to sneak a few minutes to read!

You can see all of our designs HERE!

Some of our favorites are the animal print and who doesn't love animal prints and plaids!

You can order 4 different ways: leave a comment on Facebook, leave a comment here, email us: grovegifts at gmail dot com or order on the site and we will credit the shipping back to you after your purchase.

1 comment:

Legallyblondemel said...

Ooh - love that pink animal print! I just inherited an iPad and its blah black cover, so I may need this...