Thursday, November 4, 2010

Baby It's Cold Outside

So my resident blog expert has been out of town, but I thought I had figured out this whole post scheduling thing, but since the last post I can see is from Sunday night, not so much. I tried to be prepared, always the working mom's goal, so I had a Monday and Tuesday post, yet tonight I realized they never posted and now I can't find them. Stand by.

Now pull up a chair and grab a warm cup of cocoa or tea because I am going to share one of my favorite winter treats. The best part it is calorie free. Baby Knits personalized hats.

When Mini K was born, she lost of weight and her head was tiny. A friend gave us one of these hats and I was in love. She wore the hat in the hospital, to the store and as she has grown I keep ordering them in her size. Well now that Baby C is here I have had to change the color scheme and the name, but his should be arriving soon. I love that you pick the colors, Mini K's have always been bubblegum pink and lime (that combo made me smile when she was sick) and every girl needs a dose of Lilly in the cold!), but just think of your options: school colors, holiday themed, classic red, white or navy, the choices are endless.

The best part, after you stop drooling about the color choices and the price, is from now until November 15th if you spend $75 and use code: earlybird you save 15%.

Here are some of my favorites:

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Landlocked Mermaid said...

check, definately going to need one of those.. as soon as I know what to put on it! xo remind me when I forget that I need one ;)