Monday, June 1, 2009

Hello June...I Need You To Come Back Next Week

Just to be clear, I am warning you, no photos for this post.  The weekend, well, May for that matter, flew by.

I have been a busy shopkeeper this weekend, making tons of updates to the site.  We can't wait to show it off to you later this week.

Since I told you my little secret of keeping my Christmas purchase list in an excel spreadsheet, I have gotten quite a few comments.  So this week I promise to share with you some of my favorite gift closet staples.

I have also started some new needlepoint projects...can't share them yet as some of you will be receiving them...

And my friend K and I are taking Mom's Night Out to a new level on Thursday...Mom's Night Out of State Shopping Road Trip.

Now I am going to sleep.


AnneG said...

Do tell...dying to know the destination(s) for out of state shopping trip...!!!

Beth Dunn said...

I know May flew by. I hope june does not do the same. xoxo

Landlocked Mermaid said...

are you going to the lilly sale??? I will be there friday morning.. should I bring the coffee? xo