Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day

Mini K surprised Mr. Grove this morning with the new Flip Mino Video Camera....and he was shocked. It seems he had added it to his cart last night, so we had perfect timing. We spent a lovely day at the pool and I have spent some time this evening on my latest list: The Fall Purchase List, and I have added some wishes as well.

Mini K needs new wellies and I am in love with these bubblegum pink ones from Hunter. And most of the online shoe stores have them so I can take advantage of free shipping and no sales tax.
This is my wish list item, because Gucci seems to have increased their prices by 30%. I have a similar sized Jackie bag in black leather that I purchased 2 years ago, for half the price, and no it was NOT on sale when I purchased.
I am still loving the Jackie Ooh sunglasses by Ray Ban.
And while I adore my Chanel taupe and black ballet flats, I LOVE LOVE LOVE these new all black ones from London Sole.

And in case there is anyone who doesn't know I am on the search for a white watch, ceramic or leather, just something fun to wear to the pool and for friends help a working mom out!!!!!!


preppyinnewengland said...

I like those flats too! Very nice!

Preppy 101 said...

How darling will she be in those Wellies ;-) Glad you and Mini K hit the jackpot with your Father's Day gift!!!

AnneG said...

I was just looking at those Flip video cameras (also on Amazon) the other day and have been contemplating. You willhave to let me know what Mr. Grove thinks about it :)