Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Hair, Presents & 3 Mommas

Today was a day. I am now parked in front of RHONJ and if you are watching you learned what I just did...when you cannot get confirmed by the United States Senate as the Secretary of Homeland Security, you go on a reality tv show.

I have been processing orders for the nautical flag t-shirts like crazy. So many people have been ordering them for family beach vacations and photos this summer.
Today I also got 3 hours of my life back. For those of you that know me in person, you know that if left untreated my hair is Minnie Driver curly...and thick is an understatement. It takes my hair over 24 hours to dry naturally..NOT JOKING. Before Mini K was born I would get the Japanese straightening treatment. I loved it, but it takes almost 7 hours on my hair from start to finish, and well, I don't have that kind of time. The curls I can live if I have to, the frizz absolutely NOT. Well dear Luigi, solved my problem and introduced me to a few new iphone apps in 3 short hours.

Today I had Luigi give me the Keratin Complex Treatment. Now ladies, this is a professional treatment so don't order it as I will feel guilty if your hair falls out. In 3 short hours, I was left with zero frizz, super straight and shiny hair with body. I go back on Friday for the final wash and blow dry and I am done. Until then I have one hard task...my hair must just hang, no tucking behind the ears, sunglasses on head, no getting wet/damp/etc, ponytails, bobby pins, you get the picture. This is the part I hate.

I left the salon and had to stop by 3 events for my day job and came home to the task that all mothers have, bedtime for Mini K and assembling a birthday present for one of Mini K's friends.

This is a labor of love, because I have a few rules:

1. No toys, because everyone's house looks like mine and the toys multiply.

2. Presents should NOT be practical, they are PRESENTS.

3. No cards for kids, they don't care, use gift stickers instead.

So tonight I assembled the Princess Bucket which includes: a monogram water bottle, candy with a princess theme, princess colored pencils, pink swim goggles, princess themed ponytail holders and barrettes, and princess stickers. Just stuff the bottom of the bucket with tissue so your items set up, wrap it in a cello bag and tie it with a bow.

And here it is, ready for the party on Saturday.

Tomorrow, my friend K and I are hosting a 3 Mommas trunk show for our fabulous friend J who reps the line. So if you are in the Alexandria area, email me and come on by!!!


AnneG said...

Regarding shady Bernie Kerik -- made even more shadier now that I know he is good friends with RHONJ Caroline's "Good Fellas" husband. Hmmmm. Mob ties?

Black Labs and Lilly said...

I have debated getting the Keratin treatment for months, the only thing holding me back is the let hair hang for 3 days rule, I don't think I would make it!

Starfish and Sundresses said...

Great rules on the presents!

Hillcrest Acres said...

Cute birthday present!! Love the wrapping of it.

kp said...

Helllooo.. I have the Yuko treatment scheduled July 14th and am counting down the days..how are you doing????

Maureen said...

I love that children's gift. Adorable. I completely agree with the cards for kids. They don't even pay attention.

Kappa Prep said...

Our hair sounds almost identical minus the color! Humidity is HORRID on my hair and I hate doing it and leaving my house!! Your treatment sounds great!