Tuesday, November 29, 2011

DIY Holiday Gift Link Up

Hopsy suggested doing a DIY Holiday gift link up so I thought why not! I have already followed her lead and made my own ornament wreath for our front door. It took a little over two hours and made me realize that a cordless hot glue gun is truly a gem!

But since Mini K is a December baby, I decided to do a post for those that have both a birthday and Christmas in the same month.

Today a friend had a baby girl. She has been through one of the most horrible pregnancies I know of and this week will be an emotional roller coaster. Since I am out of town for half of the week I wanted to make something that would make her smile when she brought her little princess home.

To make a diaper wreath you will need:

1 box of Pamper Swaddler Newborn size
9 yards of your choice of ribbon, I chose different shades of pink grosgrain
A wooden letter from your craft store
Acrylic paint
A metal wreath form
Hot glue gun

Paint your wooden letter the color of your choice and let dry. make sure to paint both sides of the letter.

Attach a piece of 18" ribbon with the hot glue gun to your letter and tie it to the metal wreath form.

Begin to wrap the diapers around the form and tie a knot with the ribbon.

Continue to work around the wreath until it is completely covered in diapers.

I love to give this as something fun to hang on the front door or baby's room.


Worthington said...

Your diaper wreath idea is so wonderful! What a great idea!

Nelle Somerville said...

That is seriously adorable! Very clever Mini K!