Friday, November 25, 2011

Black Friday

We hope you had a great Thanksgiving! We had a deal with Mini K yesterday...NO WORK and I wasn't fast enough to schedule a post so a belated Happy Thanksgiving to all of you!

We had a little holiday travel drama yesterday, but that comes with the holidays and today we are in the thick of holiday shopping! That would be helping everyone else with their holiday shopping!

I did sneak out this morning at 6am to get a new pair of running kicks at 30% off at Pacers and brought home Starbucks for me! Mr. G is like holiday at a time! So he enjoys his pumpkin spice latte from October through Thanksgiving and then starting on the day after Thanksgiving switches over to the Gingerbread latte! He is predictable!

I came home to finish my attempt at an ornament wreath and the orders and emails have been flooding out inbox!

We really wanted to run a special when everyone feels like they need a little something! The holidays are about family and what better way to keep in touch than good old fashioned mail!

So take advantage of our Black Friday Sale: all photo cards are 20% off through tomorrow! The best part? You can see your card proof as you place your order so no wait time for aproof! Those cards will be in the mail in no time flat!


Jillian, Inc said...

What type of paper are the photo cards printed on? regular photo paper, matte stock, etc. Thanks!

Grove Gals said...

It depends on the brand but between 110# and 130# cardstock