Thursday, July 21, 2011

Heat Wave Sale!

It's 105 today...which means I have pretty much sealed myself inside with the AC other than my daily trip to Crossfit!

So I thought why not have a sale...

50% off ALL in stock Lilly Pulitzer Merchandise!!!
Just leave a comment on the blog or Facebook with what you are looking for or would like to order and we will send you an invoice. We have most patterns in stock!

Take 50% off the prices below!!

iPad Cover (fits 1st generation) $29.95
iPhone Covers $19.95
Bracelets $9.95
Watch Sets $19.95
Notebooks $9.95-$12.95
Tumblers $19.95
Sticker Books $16.95
Pom Poms $14.95
Enclosure Card Sets $16.95
Highlighters and Pencil Sets $10.95
Pens $19.95

Cool off with a little pink and green! The watch sets and tumblers would be great to buy now and give as birthday or teacher gifts later and doesn't every phone need a new outfit?

So fill up your glass with something cold and make your shopping list!


Nelle Somerville said...

Good luck in this heat.

Landlocked Mermaid said...

helly my dear! Placing an order from your Mermaid- Love when the Grove Fills my gift closet :)
2 Tumblers
2 watch sets
2 enclosure card sets
2 pens
email me or we can meet this week. I can send you a check too, just text and let me know, can't wait ! love you xo