Monday, April 4, 2011

Another Year!

It's official, I am another year older and despite the photo I am not in Paris.

Mini K proved to have a little of me in her this weekend. For those of you that know her, well you know she is my husband's twin, but this weekend she officially claimed her place as southern.

Mr. G took her to the jewelry store to pick out my present. Mini K wanted to get me a gold charm bracelet, bigger than hers but the same style so we could match. She then insisted on putting a charm on it, because she has heard my mother and I say more than once it is bad luck to give a charm bracelet naked. Full Disclosure, I have no idea if this is true, but if your grandmother says it, well then it must be true right?

Any guesses as to what charm she picked? If you guessed the Eiffel Tower you are correct. Her reasoning, her favorite books these days are Eloise Goes to Paris and Fashion Barbie in Paris. I love that she thought this all out herself. When Mr. G asked her if she thought Baby C would be okay with her choice, she responded he can't talk so I don't have to ask him.

Now the truly funny thing is the Eiffel Tower is the one thing I HATE about Paris, but now that sweet Mini K selected it for me I love it. There are many times when I wonder if she is listening to me, and after this weekend I realize that she absorbs everything and I am so touched she put so much effort to my birthday!

I tend to make my birthday more about getting ready for spring, getting organized and making sure I am on track. Despite my blackberry, my iphone and now my ipad, I still like to do my schedule...wait for it...ON PAPER. I also confess that up until last year I swore by a Graphic Image desk agenda and then Mini K started ice skating lessons, and tennis, and school, and crossfit kids and then I had Baby C and we won't even discuss Mr. G's travel schedule, my day job and the Grove so I had to find a better way. That is when I crossed over to the Mom Agenda. Well 2 years later I LOVE it. I can keep everything in one place. I say it is as close to a minivan as I will get...EVER!
I just ordered the soft gold with the clear embossing for 2011-2012. Why not glam up soccer practice and camp schedules with a little gold.

You know I am all about sharing a find and a deal so if you have been on the fence, you can get yours HERE and save 10%!
And for those of you without kiddos, well they have a My Agenda for you.

Between the bracelet and the momAgenda, this might be my golden year!


High Heeled Life said...

Happy Birthday !!! I think Mini K is growing up just fine..;) ... I especially loved "he can't talk so I don't have to ask him." .. That Agenda is tres cute.. going to check it out ... thanks for sharing...xo HHL

Grove Gals said...

and you can use SHIP2011 for free shipping on top of the 10% discount!

Landlocked Mermaid said...

Happy Birthday Sweetie! How precious is Mini K!! I love it!! and she is a lot like her mommy, which is a good thing.. Would love to see you .. are you around maybe friday? xo