Sunday, February 27, 2011

Oscar Snacks...Calorie Free

I just got home from a weekend FULL of work, for my day job. This weekend is always one of my craziest each other, made tolerable by the fact that I am blessed with clients I adore!

I am now home, my shoes are off, the Oscars are on and I can share some news with you. After my yearlong love affair with Chewbeads, the Grove will now be carrying them!
My goal is to get them on the site tomorrow (did I mention this weekend has been insane?) along with some other great new finds, but until then you can order them via email or our Facebook page.

These necklaces make the BEST baby shower or new mom gift. The necklaces are chic and yet minnies can chew on them to their heart's content! BPA free and totally safe.

Who said you had to sacrifice fashion during teething time?

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Beach Bum & Baby said...

NEED! I need to get some of these!! Trey is trying to chew on EVERYTHING!!