Saturday, February 5, 2011

Fab Find Under $30

You know I believe in sharing! Well this time I have THE FIND for you! There are no excuses not to purchase one or two, because they are under $30! So for those of you with a daily Starbucks addiction (why hello mirror!) it's less than a week's worth of coffee. What is the miracle item? The Chewbead necklace of course.

A friend from NYC sent me one after Baby C was born and I confess it sat in the box until a couple of months ago, but after sitting through mass prying Baby C's hands off of my diamond cross necklace I thought where is that box!

Well little did I know what an attention getter my Chewbeads would be! I cannot go more than 10 feet wearing the necklace, and Baby C's shoving it in his mouth without someone stopping me to ask
1. did I know my baby was eating my necklace, Why yes, yes I do and it is totally safe, thankyouverrymuch!

2. where did I find it?

You heard right, these necklaces are totally safe for Baby and can go in the dishwasher. I think of them as Baby friendly KEP necklaces. Seriously, pretty beads that are baby friendly, I thought that was an urban legend! I gave up on wearing jewelry with Mini K, but the second time is charm, or a bead in this case.

Here are some of my favorites:
This turquoise would be great with lime, white or black.
Classice white, perfect with, well everything!

And for the record, I wasn't paid for this post. In fact I plan on picking up the white and turquoise one for the spring/summer season!

So if you are having a baby, have a little mini that thinks your jewelry is theirs or have a friend who is expecting, this is a MUST PURCHASE!

P.S. We survived Mini K's 5th birthday bowling party. I promise a full post, but as always my cake angel designed yet another amazing birthday cake!


Nelle Somerville said...

Baby shower perfection! Thanks for the awesome tip.

mint juleps and magnolias said...

Oooohhh... The turquoise is a great spring color!

Preppy 101 said...

What a fabulous shower gift!! The Mermaid needs these in those colors ;-) xoxo