Friday, August 6, 2010

a tad windy...the Grove casa or I should say our power lost the battle with 60mph+ winds yesterday. Mr. G's favorite old maple tree also lost the battle. Casa Grove is still without power so I did what any southern mama would do: pack up Mini K, Baby C and preppy puppy and checked into a hotel suite. Our power company claims it will call my cell when power is restored, but until then we will reside in the land of room service, no laundry and a bellman to walk the dog. this also means I have no excuses: the site will be updated this weekend!


mFw said...

Hope your power comes on soon, that is so annoying. In stl, all established areas lose power a lot, but we've been luckier the last couple years. Enjoy the hotel!

DC GOP Girl said...

Booo to the power being out. I'm glad I'm not home right now or I'd just die of boredom.

Sounds like you have a pretty good solution to the problem though! :)

Hope the kids are doing well. XoXo.

DC GOP Girl said...
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