Friday, August 27, 2010

Fabulous Summer Finds

We have entered the countdown...4 sleeps until Mini K's first day of school. This means we are slowly making bedtime earlier...otherwise known as World War 3...4 year old style.

I have spent this week in a blur ...back to school shopping, school shoes, fall sign ups and a now a visit from my in-laws...oh yeah throw in my day job, Crossfit and yet more updates to the Grove site and planning for the holidays. No wonder I am tired.

I might not be in school anymore, but I still find myself thinking about the highs (and lows) of the summer. This summer I have only 1 low: the to-do list I thought I would knock out on maternity leave...well it is still there.

Now onto the HIGHS and I am sharing them with you in hopes you find a few to make your life easier, better or just add a little style.

The Fountain of Youth: Tifosi DEA Sport
That is what I am calling these glasses. They are sized for a woman, don't fall off when running, yet still look chic enough to wear when you are not working out. The lenses go around the side just enough to protect your eyes from squinting. Crows feet...I am launching a total defense. The best part, make that parts: they are only $89.95 and made in Georgia.
For Your Little Princess, or her Friends
Toggle Girl. It was love at first sight. Seriously, these are the best made headbands I have purchased for Mini K and they also happen to be the least expensive. Mr. Grove are you reading? I picked out the least expensive item...we know that never happens! Here is my suggestion: order more than you need and when that birthday invite for a minnie arrives, place a few headbands in a cello bag and tie with a bow. You can find Toggle Girl on etsy and "like" her on Facebook too!
I have a slight addiction to Fresh lip the tube...they used to sell it in the pot and I wasn't such a fan. This summer they came out with a Plum color and RUN RUN RUN over to Sephora or Fresh or NM and pick it up. You will be thanking me when the weather turns cooler and chapped lips return.
I owe the team at Crossfit Oldtown a HUGE thank you! I feel stronger than I have in years and like the number I see on the scale. I won't say it is a relaxing to pleasant experience, but the results are almost immediate and they helped me kick my diet soda diet coke in 3 months and I never thought I would say this,but I don't miss it.

You didn't think I could discuss summer without Lilly Pulitzer did you? I am in LOVE with the new activewear collection. I am counting down the days until it is cool enough to wear my Norma wrap...outside! It's like a preppy, fashionable snuggie.
My Office
Summer as an adult still means work, but thanks to the uber talented Ashley at Ashley Brooke Designs my office now makes me smile the moment I walk in thanks to a custom print of Mini K and Baby C. I also have sticky notes with this print..for those rare times when I have to remember something! I kid. I know you will cring when you read this, but the holidays are just around the corner and a print from Ashley Brooke Designs would make the best gift! Plus it makes future gift gifting easy...just pick one of her many fabulous items and she will use your print design on them. I already have another project for her, and did I mention, she is fabulous to work with on a custom project.

Full disclosure, thanks to those new pesky FCC rules...the only money involved in any of the above referenced finds was from my wallet to these amazing businesses. At a time when there seems to be all of this talk on shopping local, I have a different opinion. I believe you shop where you receive amazing service, a pleasant attitude and love the product.

One last favor...
Grove Gal E and I promise we are trying to do more with our Facebook page...including giveaways and discounts so can you make us feel popular and "like" our page? Pineapple Grove Gifts. Thanks!

Tomorrow we are off to Baltimore for a day at the aquarium, some shopping and a night in a hotel...Mini K is already dreaming of her Sunday morning room service breakfast. So Baltimore ladies...there is only one question: where to shop?


Henley on the Horn said...

I can't wait to check out the headbands. I, too, love the Sugar gloss. LOVE it.

rosiecampbell said...

Love that Lilly sweater and all of their new collection!

Imjustagirl said...

I just ordered a bunch of the head bands for my niece!! I know she will love them!! Thanks:)