Thursday, August 19, 2010

Slow Down Summer...

Am I alone? I had all these plans of everything I was going to get done this summer, and I really don't feel like I have stopped moving...and yet is has been 9 days since I last posted (some of you probably thought I had given this little blog up!) and my list is still not finished.

Grove Gal E and I are so excited for our little many new things coming...I know I keep saying that but I PROMISE I am making so many updates to the site. Please be patient, because we have a great giveaway to kick off the holiday season.

As you can see the boxes keep coming and we are unpacking as fast as we can.

It also seem s Mini k and Baby C decided to grow (the nerve!) so twist my arm, I had to do a little (okay a lot) of clothes shopping for baby C and Mini K's feet are now 3 sizes bigger than they were in June.

But tonight, for the first time in weeks, I feel calm. I saw my favorite client today...she is always honest, good or bad, and I love that. Tomorrow our photos from our first photo shoot as a family of 4 are being delivered and I have promised Mini K we are making cracker candy.

I am going to go catch up on all of your posts, emails and orders!


mFw said...

Summer flew by and its already over for me! I'm at the school I transferred to in the full fledge of work week and rush starts tomorrow! Can't wait to see the new stuff from PGG!!!

Henley on the Horn said...

Sadly, our summer is already over. I feel like it FLEW by this year!! Thankfully the children love school, and it's nice to be in a bit of a routine, though I need a nap! I can't wait to see what goodies y'all have on your site for Christmas!

Landlocked Mermaid said...

so glad you are back! I missed you xo