Monday, April 8, 2013

Something to Remember

I haven't felt like blogging.  There isn't one thing, but just haven't felt like it.  Over the past week I have missed it.  I am now officially 38, my youngest is now almost 3 and another summer is taunting me in the not too distant future, but I have realized that the feeling of being unsettled might go away if I come back to just writing it all out, the good bad, the stuff that makes you wonder if I have lost it, essentially life!

This weekend was a reminder of how precious life is and how fast it can change.  I am a wife, a mother and the owner of two companies and I do not think I would be able to do any of these things without the wisdom and guidance of those that have gone before me.  I remember watching the news as a kid and not really knowing who the famous people were whose lives as ended.  Now it seems I remember them about feeling old.

The world has lost two amazing women in the last 72 hours:  Margaret Thatcher and Lilly Pulitzer.  One of them ran a country and the other created an empire based on living life to the fullest...neither required a discussion of the theory of "leaning in" neither took sides in the working mom vs. stay at home mom debate, both of them just lived their lives and did.

I can look in my closet, as well as Mini K's and Baby C's and see the impact that Lilly Pulitzer had on the world.  Her clothes make us smile, they make us think of vacations, and parties and family photos.  They are a wearable pick me up that were created out of one women's need to solve a problem and in solving the problem of juice stains she gifted us all with generations of happy memories, laughter and smiles.

Mini K had a date on Friday night...with her Daddy and without a moment's hesitation said I need to wear a Lilly dress.  Even 7 year olds know that a Lilly Pulitzer dress can change an evening!

Margaret Thatcher taught us all that a tough women is not another word for a witch.  She showed us how to go toe to toe with a man without the need for a quota or special fact I think a lot of men wished they didn't pick a fight with her as it didn't end well for them.

Leave it to these two women to get me back to blogging.  I am not sure if anyone is still reading, but I am happy to be back!


Landlocked Mermaid said...

Missed you! Glad you are back.. And Amen to such a great post xo

Mrs.K loves pink and green said...

What a wonderful post! Yes,you have been missed!! And I agree that we have all lost 3 lovely ladies these last 2 days. Margaret Thatcher,Lilly,and Annette Funicello,will all be missed...

Worthington said...

I always enjoy posts of yours! It really is sad that we have lost two women who, in their own way, were feminists even though some might not see it that way. I think Lilly just exemplified cheerfulness and Thatcher showed me that pearls aren't just a Southern staple but perfect for even politics (while working with the boys).

AnneG said...

Good post. I'm surprised you are able to blog as much as you do. Do it when you can and do it when you want and we will still be reading!