Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Wednesday Wants

***UPDATE***  So I thought I had scheduled this to post at 8p.m. and realized, I had entered the WRONG date so better late than never!

I disappeared again.  Life has been insane between spring sports starting for the kids (yes Baby C is now in swim lessons and soccer!), co-chairing the auction at Mini K's school and trying to get the house furnished before we start construction on my new office in a month!  Then it hit me one night, around 3a.m., the time I think my greatest thoughts, that I miss blogging.  I have been reading blogs but not commenting and missing my blog friends who in many cases have become in real life friends too!

SO I am back and decided to start the Wednesday Wants.  Full disclosure, the Wednesday Wants are either things I have wanted and now own or things that are still on the wish list, I do have a birthday in less two weeks so a wish list is okay right?

I am not much of a make-up person.  In fact, my make-up bag, monogrammed of course, contains 3 tubes of mascara, a tweezers, band aids, Neosporin, a safety pin and 8 different lip balms, glosses or lipsticks.  When I find a lipgloss I like, I stock up.  When my Chanel helper at Neimans told me Glossimer 105 was being discontinued I purchased 7 tubes.  Well this summer tube number 7 was emptied and I was in a panic.

Then I discovered Three Custom!  Friends, this was a LIFE changing moment.  Pathetic to admit it, but it's the little things that can cheer you up, make you deliver a kick butt presentation or just keep you going and a good lipgloss is one of those things.

Essentially you send a sample of your color and they will custom make it for you.  Two wands of lipgloss or two tubes of lipstick are $60.

I placed my order in October and was concerned about if the lipgloss would look and feel like my treasured Glossimer 105 and let me tell you I was one happy camper when my replacements arrived!

So if you have been searching for a new favorite, you might not need one after all!

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