Friday, October 19, 2012

Friday FIVE

It was a rainy day here, but fall has arrived.  I don't mean the weather, it officially starting to get dark in what still seems like the middle of the day!

The Friday FIVE this week are all things that make me smile and I hope they make you smile too!

1.  Weekenders
I love a weekend away.  Even more than a weekend away is the joy of just throwing my stuff in a single bag and not having to think about TSA, 3oz bottles or the possibility of a flight delay.  Our new weekender bag is one of my new favorites!  For those of you that follow us on Facebook, you already know about, it will be on the website tomorrow!  The bag comes in black, navy, and my favorite, bright orange and like most items at the Grove, can be personalized with up to 2 jumbo sized initials!

2.  Postagram
I LOVE this app!  If you haven't tried it, click HERE.  Your photos are placed on a postcard and mailed, all from your phone!  The best, besides not having to actually stamp the postcard and go to the post office: the photo comes off the postcard and your recipient can keep it!  Mr. G sends them to the kids when he travels and Mini K loves to send them to her beloved summer nanny R!  You can purchase postcards in bulk and have them in your account, much like Shutterfly prints and your first few postagrams are FREE.  Currently their bulk purchase options are 25% off so you really should try it out HERE.

3.  Orange Tic Tacs
These babies have magical powers in the Grove house, or I should say car.  Both Mini K and Baby C love them and dare I say they can cure the D.C. traffic jam blues....even in the rain!

4.  A Good Sale
Kate Spade is having their Friends and Family sale this weekend.  Everything in stores and online is 30% off with code:  F12FFUS.  I have my eye on this dress:

5.  FREE
I love free stuff, especially when it is something I have been wanting or to use Mini K's word:  "needing."  We know the holidays are coming and if our mailbox is any indication so are a lot of bridal and baby showers.  All of these events mean one thing to us:  thank you notes!   So this weekend we will double your quantity on all flat and folded notecard orders for FREE.  If you order 25, you will get 50?  You can find them all HERE.  We hope this helps writing all of those thank you notes a little more enjoyable...after all we haven't  figured out a way to monogram champagne yet!  I love this design because there is something that always draws me to colored paper....maybe I never grew out of my love affair with construction paper.
This weekend is full of swim practice, a swim meet, a final trip to the paint store and a meeting with my talented friend E who is making two fabulous shower curtains for the new bathrooms!  Please let me know if you posted a Friday FIVE as I would love to check it out!

Have a great weekend.

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