Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Flip The Switch

It seems easy right?  Well....that assumes there is a LIGHT connected to the switch and right now the front two rooms of the house have no lights because I cannot make up my mind.

This is pathetic I know.  There are real problems in this world and my indecision over light fixtures is silly, but I have been staring at fixtures for the past 3 days and according to Mr. G it might be next Christmas before I finally decide and order.

Feel free to email amongst yourselves and make fun of me, because it is literally the joke of the house.  Mini K came home from skating practice and said, did you pick yet?  I said no and her response was:  "how about I can stay up until you decide?"  Seriously, even my 6 year old is in on the joke!

So two fixtures and a pair of sconces need to be decided on tonight and I am turning to my friends for their opinions because I just cannot decide.  For those of you who have been following our construction or know me in real life, the tile starts going in next week, the new front door arrived today and they are doing all of the prep work to begin priming next week.  At this rate we might be finished by Thanksgiving.....if I get the light fixtures!

What do you think?

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