Saturday, September 1, 2012

Good Things Happen In 3's....

I have been out of town for my day job for the past 8 days!!!!!  For those of you that have placed orders at the Grove don't worry...everything is still shipping out on time...I have just been burning the candle at both ends.

I realize that most normal people are not doing posts at 9pm on a Saturday night, but we have been glued to the start of college football season ALL day.  If you have heard the voice of a toddler screaming TOUCHDOWN, it would be Baby C!

Since I titled this Good Things, I must share my 3!

1.  Happy News!
My dear friend A just got engaged today!  I could not be more happy for her and had to start the celebrating my mocking up her new monoram!

2.  College Gameday!
Mini K woke up this morning and said, today is Gameday, we should wear orange!  While Mr. G did not attend a football school, I have made sure to raise 2 little Longhorns!  So both Baby C and Mini K were dressed in orange today!  College football season to me is the start of fall and while it was in the high 80's today I couldn't help but think that hopefully soon we will need sweaters and boots and some fall shopping.

3.  The Holidays are coming!
If you are a fan on Facebook then you know Mini K and I had our first official candy corn sighting of the year!  You know how I ALWAYS share a good deal...well today, I have 3!

1.  Charmed
I am a BIG fan of charm bracelets and was given a charm from Planet Jill with a photo f Baby C and Mini K.  What I love about her charms is that you can get them in sterling silver, 14k white gold or 14k yellow gold.  You upload the photo of your choice and the photo becomes part of the charm.  These charms have been seen on the necks and wrists of Jennifer Garner, Maria Shriver, Ricki Lake and Cindy Crawford.  The charms themselves are a great price, but when I saw this deal I had to share.  The PJ necklaces, bracelets and charms make the BEST gifts for moms, friends, daughters and grandmothers so I thought some of your might want to start your holiday shopping.

You can purchase a $100 gift certificate to Planet Jill for $32 right HERE.  Just enter code LaborDay2012 at checkout and it will bring your total from $40 down to $32!  It gets better, when you then create your photo gift at Planet Jill, if you share it on your Facebook page you can get FREE shipping.

2.  Holiday Cards
I know it's early, but a lot of you are clearly organized!  We are doubling your order for FREE on all personalized holiday cards until September 10th!  If you order 50 cards with return address printing, we will send you 100!  I have loved watching the beach photos come in and must admit, I am always envious when I open a holiday card to see a tan person in the cold of winter.  While a lot of you have submitted photos, a lot of you have ordered from our selection of cards where you attach your own photo later!  A client added a note in the message box that she was going to have a card addressing party complete with gluesticks!  I love cards with texture and depth and have been known to take a great photo off of a card and stick it in a personalized frame and give it as a hostess gift at a later date!

You can see all of our cards on sale HERE.

3.  The Look For Less
We have all seen J.Crew's bubble necklace, complete with its $150 price tag.  I am sure we have all seen the sellers on Ebay that will sell you the necklace for less but take an entire season to actually ship it to you!  I have discovered a happy medium, same quality, super fast shipping and how does $14.99 sound!  I ordered a couple of these for myself and a couple to give as gifts this holiday season.  These necklaces come in a LOT more colors than the ones shown below and can be ordered HERE.

I often get emails asking for help coming up with wording or packaging for invites, gifts and notes so I thought  I would share a few ideas for this necklace.

Congratulations on a new job or engagement:  We are bursting with happiness for your engagement/good news:  wrap the necklace in tissue, put it in a cello bag, and tie a bottle of bubbles to the cello bag and attach your card.

Sip N See:  I always like to take something for the mom as well as the baby.  You could do the same packaging and say we know you are bursting with love for your new bundle!