Thursday, June 3, 2010

What To Give: Personalized Lunchboxes

I realize I probably should have done this post at the start of the school year, but let's just pretend I am ahead of schedule for next year.

For the record, when it comes to children's gifts I refuse to give a toy as a gift, because well...anyone with kids knows the last thing you want in your house is another toy!

I confess to "borrowing" this idea from a PGG client and I think she is on to something. At the start of each year she decides what will be her birthday gift for her children's classmates and her young neices and nephews (under the age of 10). This way she doesn't feel like one child gets a better gift than the other and she can order everything at once and save on shipping costs.

This year she chose our metal personalized lunchboxes. They are perfect for, well lunch, trinkets, or Mini K's item of the moment, more Silly Bandz than I can count. She chose 2 girl designs and 2 boy designs for the classmates and one for family. The lunchboxes run $40 each.

My favorite design is the mermaid...what's yours? I promise to post my favorite go to hostess gifts tomorrow.

You can pick yourself up off the floor now...I actually posted 2 days in a row!


Black Labs and Lilly said...

Such a cute idea and kids adore lunch boxes!

Preppy Little Dress said...

great idea. too cute!!

whataboutsummer said...

this is a great idea! the mermaids are my favorite too (I grew up wanting to be Ariel in A Little Mermaid)

Maggie said...

These are really cute. What a neat idea!