Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Severe Storm Warning

Mini K has field day at school tomorrow.  She also had swim practice tonight.  My phone started beeping during said practice as if it was trying to communicate with outer space.  9 texts, ALL weather related, but the best was from my husband that said:  "Don't worry about the power, that is why we have a generator, but we need bourbon."  I of course start googling...massive rain, flooding, high winds.  If that is what you are thinking, you need to read more of my blog.  Nope, I turned straight to the sugar and my new LOVE:  Sally's Baking Addiction.

On the way home, Mini K and I stopped at the grocery store and the liquor store.  Chocolate chips, toffee, brown sugar, pure vanilla extract, fruit water, honey nut Chex (trust me, Baby C is not a pretty sight when the box is empty), champagne and bourbon.  We are now ready for the storm.

If you haven't ready Sally's Baking Addiction, you MUST.  There are days when I can look at the photos and feel full that I am literally not hungry.  There are other days, like today, when I frantically write out a shopping list in preparation for tomorrow's baking, I mean storm survival.

So if the storm comes, Mini K is staying home and we are having our own Sugar, I mean Field Day and here are the events:

1.  Nutella Stuffed Sugar Muffins

2.  Pretzels

3.  Cake Batter Chocolate Chip Cookies

Mini K and I will also make our Summer Bark!  She loves to make this with me, bag it and tie the bows, we then surprise our friends and neighbors with it.  What is Summer Bark you ask?  Well I am about to let you in on a very simple recipe and you will have so much fun with!  Adults cannot figure it out at first, but the kiddos ALWAYS know right away.  I have given this as a hostess gift, a pick me up and just for fun.  Tie a little note to it that says:  I hope your summer ROCKS!

Summer Bark is..........white or milk chocolate covered.... POP ROCKS!  We take about 15-18 packets of Pop Rocks and sprinkle them all over a Silpat baking sheet and cover them with melted chocolate.  We then sprinkle the top with colored sugar...usually the same color as the Pop Rocks.  Simply break it up once it cools, bag it bow it and off you go to help someone kick off a rockin summer!  Who said smiles were hard to come by?

I have about 20 pairs of engraved sunglasses to wrap up so I can ship them out tomorrow!  I keep seeing similar glasses for close to $50 and ours are still under $40!  I do my best to keep our prices LOW since we all love to shop!  My fabulous customers are clearly also party animals as they ALL seem to be taking advantage of my 30% off ALL invitations sale.  In fact so far everyone is either order their holiday party invites or BBQ invites....isn't someone having a birthday or a shower?  You can see them ALL HERE.

If you are in the path of this storm...stay dry!

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