Sunday, August 28, 2011

Bye Bye Irene

This past week has been one of ups and downs. On Tuesday, D.C experienced what I thankfully call an earthquake. After being in this city on 9-11, I can tell you that when most of us felt that rumble, our first thought was terrorist attack not earthquake. I am sure all of you California natives think we over reacted, but after 9-11, we think a building has been hit when we feel a jarring motion like that.
As soon as the earthquake stopped, the news reports of Irene's impending arrival started. I prepared for the hurricane, by having coffee with Landlocked Mermaid, a trip to the liquor store and making sure all of our electronic devices were fully charged. Mr. G was in charge of the generator. I will never understand why people panic and buy milk at the grocery store when the news says you might lose power. Who wants to drink milk from a non-working fridge?

This picture made me laugh as it sums up what most people thought of the hurricane. They prepared for it on the outside, but didn't really think it would amount to much. This time, we were blessed and it was just a lot of rain and short bursts of wind.
Photo from MSNBC

Well Irene came, and if you weren't watching the news you might have thought it was just a severe storm. In fact the thunderstorm we had last summer did more damage than Irene. Thankfully, we didn't lose power, but more than a few trees in our neighborhood came down.

Tomorrow is Mini K's last day before school starts. We are going to put the finishing touches on our welcome gifts for her teacher, layout her chosen outfit, pack her monogrammed backpack and write out her lunch schedule for the week. I promise to do a post on our back to school gifts, but tonight I need to write our all about Mini K letter for her teacher. This is yet another great idea from my mother. She said until I was old enough to reach, write and fully communicate she would write a letter to the teacher on the first day about me. Essentially, how to tell if I wasn't feeling well, because I wouldn't say anything (Mini K is the same way), to make sure I ate my fruit not just my veggies, etc. I have done this every year since Mini K started school and every year her teachers tell me it is helpful.

It has been years since I have had a first day of school, but I always think of the year in semesters and fall, for me, is always the season of fresh starts and new choices. I am starting this "school year" off with my new 6am running schedule and so thankful that I have a running partner to catch up too, it will make be better and hold me accountable, and a new straight head of hair thanks to today's Brazilian Blowout.

I hope none of you experienced any damaged from Irene and those of you in the South, I hope September brings a temperature that is only 2 and not 3 degrees. I am off to tackle the unpacking of the fall clothes and the start of another season of ebay listing!


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Sundresses and Smiles said...

I like your thinking--a new school year is a chance for a fresh, new start!