Saturday, September 5, 2009

Crawling Out...

I realized when I finally sat down today to watch my beloved Longhorns that you were probably wondering where I have been. Let me tell you, it has been quite the week.

Mini K LOVES her new school. I mean runs to the door in her pj's in the morning, puts her backpack by her bed at night, love. I am thrilled, but it has been an adjustment. Before this week, Grove Land woke up around 8am and arrived at school between 9:30-10am. Well Mini K HAS to be at 8am...and I just don't think I can send her with a note that says: "My mom is really proud of me that I can sleep in, sorry I am over an hour late...everyday." Needless to say those early mornings have made me adopt a new bedtime of 10pm.

Exciting no, but true.

And speaking of the Grove, we have been busy. Baby announcements, wine tastings and holiday soiree invites galore, the orders have been coming in. THANK YOU!

I spent today packing up all of summer clothes and unpacking fall I just need the weather to cooperate with my organization skills.

Tomorrow, I am tackling the PGG many new products to add, finishing my must purchase for fall list and deciding on a new hair dryer. And I am guessing half of you are thinking I have lost my mind for researching a hair dryer, the other half of you (Nina) know that thick hair can mean an hour long date with your dryer so a great one is like buying time, and now that I have to be up at 6am...I need the time.

And with that, go back to your exciting life.


Anonymous said...

You have been a busy chick! I wish we could write notes like that to school! I sooooo know what you mean about taking an hour to blow dry hair! I dont know how many dryers I have blown up..haha. Hope you have a great rest of the weekend! = )

Landlocked Mermaid said...

tell us what hairdryer you choose. i am in need of one too. as this weather changes I can't let my hair air dry any longer :( xo